The Future of Farming

Crop One’s mission is to solve the world’s food problems one crop at a time.

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Less water, less land, neighborhood revitalization, and job creation

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Consistent and reliable supply chain regardless of weather

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Farm to table within
24 hours of packing


Beyond organic

USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP); Kosher certified; non-GMO certified

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At Crop One Holdings, every decision is backed by research.  Every move we make is calculated, tracked and improved by data.  The result is impeccably consistent, safe, and delicious produce.

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Driven by Data

We’re creating the freshest and highest quality produce possible. You’ll never find pesticides and chemicals in or on our foods—we use our digital and mechanical controls to influence plant quality—particularly with regard to taste, texture, and cleanliness.

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Good for the environment

As urban density increases around the world, locally-sourced food is becoming critically important. Crop One reduces carbon pollution associated with transportation by locating farms in close proximity to the point of consumption while minimizing usage of other resources, such as water. During the growing process we are not subject to climate disruptions, such as drought and pests, and consumers can expect a longer shelf life with our produce, limiting the amount of food waste from field to fork. We are actively researching and testing methods to have significantly lower environmental impact than field-grown produce.

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The beginning of a new industry

Crop One and Emirates Flight Catering have launched a $40 million joint venture to build the world’s largest vertical farming facility in Dubai, UAE.

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