Our Technology

Data driven, tech obsessed

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Crop One’s differentiated technology stack and growing process make us the most advanced company in the vertical farming space—delivering industry-leading environmental and economic benefits. Our technology is focused on lowering costs and increasing yields. In addition, we are acquiring new cultivars bred for characteristics which allow them to hyper-perform in our controlled environment conditions and for new product development.

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Less pathogen risk

Our produce is grown
in sealed climate-controlled rooms resulting in a fraction of the pathogen risk compared to conventional outdoor farming.

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Resource integrity

Crop One farms use 1%
the amount of water that is required by traditional agriculture.

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Conservative footprints

Our modular vertical farms use land 400x more effectively, thanks to increased productivity and harvest frequency.

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Longer shelf life

Crop One’s produce is delivered to stores 24 hours after packing and grown for superior quality, even long after purchase.


Data and iterations

Crop One grows food hydroponically with unique formulas for each cultivar. This means our plants are supported by millions of data points collected each day for maximum growth and supplied with the exact amount of light, water, and plant nutrients, without the use of soil.


Our farmers are plant biologists

At Crop One, our dedicated team of farmers are led by experienced plant biologists including plant microbiologist Dr. Deane Falcone. Supported by digital controls, our teams monitor the plants growth conditions, collecting data and testing samples to improve our yield and our knowledge of the plant growth cycle.


Plant Inputs

We grow all of our seedlings from carefully screened non-GMO seeds, and work with breeding companies to develop new cultivars for optimized growth indoors.

The needs of each plant are met by carefully crafting nutrient blends for each cultivar that are delivered through a digitally controlled water management system.

Plants need light—and we make sure they get plenty of it. We have carefully evaluated and selected optimal lights to ensure the best profile is provided to support efficient growth. Every light source is programmed to accommodate each crop type resulting in accelerated growth.


Dynamic Systems

Technology is integrated into all levels of our system. The Crop One Farm Manager allows us to create superior plant quality without pesticide intervention. Instead, we control plant performance using our digital and mechanical control systems—particularly with regard to taste, texture, and cleanliness. The result is leaves with a fraction of the pathogenic load compared to conventional agriculture.

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