Why Crop One

Plant Science + Data Analytics

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We are working to create new ways
to feed the world using innovation to transform the $32 billion dollar global
leafy greens market.

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Through our retail brand FreshBox Farms, you can enjoy wholesome, delicious food you can feel good about— delivered fresh to your local supermarket or favorite pickup point within 24 hours.

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Our technology platform and vertical indoor farms produce superior quality fresh food using state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal growing conditions with regularly monitored plant control.

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A dropper instead of a bucket

We use between 95-99% less water than field-grown produce. To put that in perspective: for each gallon of water traditional farming uses, we use one and a half drops. Our growing facilities give each vegetable the exact amount of water it needs—with all of the water going to the plant.


Clean vegetables,

cleaner air

Crop One drastically reduces transportation costs and harmful chemical output, and creates no agricultural runoff. We deploy the highest standard of growing practices and methods for distribution.

Waste is not part of our model. Food waste is nearly eliminated with our fresh produce lasting much longer than conventionally grown. Additionally, we use 100% recyclable packaging for all of our products.


Energy efficient

Simply put, vertical farming is the conversion of electrons to calories. With a best-in-class energy efficiency yield (60g–70g of product produced per kWh of electricity), we use patented technology and systematic planning and decision-making processes to precisely estimate and monitor the energy required to satisfy each gram of crop output, cutting down on wasted energy.

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Spatial awareness

One of our modular growing units can produce the equivalent amount of food that takes traditional farming between 2 and 19 acres. Our modular design allows the farms to be placed anywhere and are able to be stacked vertically to create even greater land-use efficiency.

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Pesticide free

Our farming techniques do not require the use of harsh chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, natural or synthetic, that conventional farming uses. Crop One’s growing model provides safe and clean growth in a sealed, controlled environment, with virtually no risk of illness causing pathogens.

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Job security for our best assets

Conventional farming employment has been on the decline since 1970, with many of the available jobs being seasonal only. Vertical farming enables year-round employment opportunities.

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Crop One is active in all aspects of the growth cycle

All steps in the growth process are fully monitored and controlled. From sourcing of seeds to germination, and all stages of crop production, we have developed specific steps with a goal of producing superior quality crops.









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